A multiomic, single-cell lens on clonal evolution in breast cancer


April 16 @ 3:30 pm 4:30 pm EDT

Spotlight Theater B | Presented by BioSkryb Genomics


Presenter: Victor Weigman, PhD
BioSkryb Genomics
Sr. Director of Bioinformatics
Durham, North Carolina

Presenter: Jon Zawistowski, PhD
BioSkryb Genomics
Sr. Director of Research and Development
Durham, North Carolina


Join 2 directors from BioSkryb Genomics, Jon Zawistowski, PhD, Sr. Director of R&D, and Victor Weigman, PhD, Sr. Director of Bioinformatics, in Exhibitor Spotlight Theater B for their talk,“A multiomic, single-cell lens on clonal evolution in breast cancer.”

Background for the talk:
Defining the molecular etiologies that drive cancer invasiveness requires the resolution to perform robust multiomic observations of tumor cellularity. We highlight the power of this approach in a cohort over a dozen ductal carcinoma in situ/invasive ductal carcinoma biopsies using ResolveOME™ Multiomics. This single-plate chemistry provides, for a single tumor cell, complete genomic and transcriptomic results, including representation of full-length transcripts and surface protein detection. Surveying near 1000 cells across the cohort, we show enablement of copy number, structural variation, fusion detection, and allele-specific expression—in addition to standard variant identification. This approach opens new dimensions in molecular interrelationships of tumor evolution.

Learn more about BioSkryb Genomics:
While at the AACR Annual Meeting 2023, join us at Booth 401 to learn more about our commercial launch of ResolveOME™ and the BaseJumperTM Bioinformatics Platform. This is a comprehensive system: For the first time in the single-cell analysis market, ResolveOME makes it possible to interrogate the entire genome, transcriptome, exomes, or targeted gene content from a single cell with exceptional coverage and accuracy. When coupled with BioSkryb’s BaseJumper Bioinformatics platform, which provides simple and dynamic visualization of multiomic findings, investigators can now comprehensively explore the cellular ecosystem to enhance our understanding of complex human disease.

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