The Evolution of a Multi-Biomarker Class Approach for Multi-Cancer Early Detection Testing


April 8 at 10:00 am 11:00 am PDT

Sails Pavilion, Spotlight Theater A
Presented by Exact Sciences


Presenter: Frank Diehl, PhD
Exact Sciences
SVP Research and Development
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Event Description

Current guidelines recommend routine screening for only four cancer types. The impact: two-thirds of incident cancers have no recommended screening options.1 In addition, a significant portion of cancer cases are being detected in later stages, where treatment options may be more limited and outcomes poorer.2

Multi-cancer early detection (MCED) tests may help detect cancer prior to symptom onset, narrowing the gap in cancer screening and giving us the chance to stay one step ahead. The MCED field is still in its beginning stages, and it shows great potential as a fundamentally new approach to the screening and detection of cancer.

During “The Evolution of a Multi-biomarker Class Approach for Multi-cancer Early Detection Testing,” product theater sponsored by Exact Sciences, Dr. Frank Diehl will share evidence in the evolution of novel multi-biomarker class approaches to MCED test development.

Exact Sciences is taking a rigorous approach to the development of the Cancerguard™ test, which in the future may help enable the detection of more cancers in early stages and help to shift the paradigm in cancer screening.

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